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Christian adopts a forward-thinking approach towards art-wear, creating pieces that echo societal conversations of significant relevance today, containing insight into cultural references and values, and incorporating themes such as self-love, body positivity, and human rights into his designs. These elements breathe life into his creations, making each garment not just a fashion statement but a narrative of contemporary society. In addition, Christian's designs display an acute awareness of current trends that keep his work modern and relevant.



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Christian's experience extends beyond traditional fashion design, showcasing a robust graphic and print design background. His proficiency in these areas is apparent in the harmonious integration of graphical elements into their fashion pieces, creating an elegant fusion of various design disciplines. An expert in print design, Christian consistently transforms simple fabrics into vibrant, intricate pieces of wearable art. Additionally, Christian's fashion styling acumen is demonstrated during photoshoots, where he expertly curates and assembles looks that accentuate the garments and create a captivating narrative. Christian's multifaceted skill set, blending the spheres of fashion, graphic, and print design, establishes him as a versatile force within the industry.


As a creative designer, Christian has demonstrated an exceptional ability to cultivate and execute design concepts from inception to completion. An in-depth understanding of the project marks their process, meticulous attention to detail, and profound respect for the client's vision. Christian has a unique talent for interpreting a client's perspective, transforming abstract ideas into tangible design elements that truly resonate with the client's aesthetics and values. This empathetic approach allows him to deliver results that align with the client's vision and often surpass their expectations.

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In his expansive career, Christian has also excelled as a branding consultant, utilizing their deep understanding of the fashion industry and market trends to assist start-up companies in establishing strong brand identities. Christian has been instrumental in conceptualizing brand strategies and visual identities for several nascent companies, setting them on a path to recognition and success.

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