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We here for you!

  • What is Truly Ourselves?
    It's clothing made to embrace our beauty and others, sharing and spreding love to Ourselves! Let's be proud of ourselves.
  • How can I return it?
    As much we would love to take your return back because it wont fit. we cant... what a bummer! As each piece that you order is made just for you (literally it goes to production once you purchase it) the manufactore can't take it back. but lets try to make the best of it! The sizes run truly just like truly ourselves but if you are douting it we have size charts on the bottom of each item. yay!
  • Can I become a model of Truly Ourselves?
    Of course! Simply send us a picture of you rocking Truly Ourselves item and get a chance to be feature on our IG or FB page! Lets see how good you look!
  • How can I Cancel my other?
    Why tho? haha just kidding but seriosly why? If you want to cancel the order, we definitely love to help you with that, we can cancel the order within 24 hours of the purchase before your item goes to production. always make sure that you got the right details! We would love to help you with anything!
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