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About the Designer 

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Miami Fashion Designer and stylist Christian Cruz launches signature clothing brand "CX2D" on March 12, 2022. 


CX2D, art wear for men, women, and gender non-binary, celebrates the beauty within and breaks down body stereotypes that hold us back from being truly ourselves. 

"As a young designer, society and the media showed me what beauty is, and it was far from what I saw in the mirror. I had all the same insecurities most young people have. In the fashion industry, it's a known fact that only skinny and tall people are considered beautiful. I want to celebrate all body types with my art. I want my legacy to be an artist of inclusion and a statement that you are perfect just as you are and that your presence is unique and appreciated." - Christian Cruz

Stylish and a friend to the environment, CX2D is created and made-to-order for you, leaving no material behind.

Christian Cruz, born in Bogota, Colombia, raised in South Florida, attended and graduated with awards from Miami International University.

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