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Shipping & Returns

We would do our best to help you.

Shipping Policy

You get a free shipping! You get a free Shipping! And You get a free Shipping! 

We all get a Free Shipping!

How lovely is that! 

Once you purchase an item from Truly Ourselves, we sent it to the manufacture to be made just for you! Our lovely manufacture will make your item in 2 days and then send it on your way! shipping takes from 3 to 8 business days (USA) 8 to 12 business days (China, Europe). so let's plan out that event's outfit a week before. 

Return &

Exchange Policy

As much we would love to take your return back because it wont fit. we cant... what a bummer! .


As each piece that you order is made just for you (literally it goes to production once you purchase it) the manufacture can't take it back.



but we would try to make the best of it! 


The sizes run truly just like truly ourselves but if you are douting it we have size charts on the bottom of each item. yay! 

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